Our Philosophy

Our Product Philosophy

With focus on creating and curating products that are gentle on earth, our effort is to bring to you, high quality products that reflect our ethos for all things green. You will find us making or sourcing products that are handmade, with natural materials or traditional art forms that are exquisite and unique. Our products revolve around the following ethos:


Our products are not manufactured in bulk and with machines. You will find objects that have been sculpted the traditional way – with love.


We take pride in going back to our roots with our range of organic Food items and Fabrics. We source the organic ingredients and materials from Certified Organic Growers, Manufacturers and Sellers. Our products that use organic materials are highlighted – for to help you make an informed purchase.


We stick to fabrics, materials and resources that are natural and not-machine made. Our range of apparel is made with natural fabrics such as cotton, silk, etc.

Small-Scale Set-Ups:

We are passionate about supporting small scale sets ups and home enterprises that produce our material and products. Their finesse, high quality and shared ethos of staying green makes us go the extra mile in keeping them sustainable and trail-blazing.


Our love for eliminating thrash goes a long way in brining premium recycled products. From recycled paper to refurbished artworks, recycling was never this chic.

Green Eco-System:

Our raw materials are sourced from suppliers who also share our values and belief system of being one with the earth.

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