The Timeless Magical Spell of Narayanpet Cotton Handloom Sarees

Peace and Quiet Store is proud to be associated with a piece of history that compliments the cause of natural cotton sarees and fabrics. 

Narayanpet Handloom Sarees

Draped in rich history, this exquisite cotton saree comes from a small town called Narayanpet in Mahbubnagar district of Andhra Pradesh, India.

Coloured with vegetable dyes and hand-woven in centuries-old weaving techniques, these handmade sarees are works of art that makes you feel special. Earthy colours with contrasting borders has been the hallmark of these cotton sarees.

Legend has it...

In 1630 AD, the Maratha king, Chatrapati Shivaji camped in Narayanpet region. When he left, a few weavers stayed behind and started producing exquisite sarees in their distinct style -the interlocked-weft technique. These durable yet comfortable sarees in exquisite designs were since known as Narayanpet Handloom Sarees.

The skill required to make these sarees has been passed from one generation to the other and this community remains concentrated in Narayanpet only. Having withstood the test of time, Narayanpet sarees now has its own Geographical Indicator (GI) registration with the Government of India.

Labour of Love

After the degumming, dyeing and drying the yarn, the process of weaving starts. the yarn it is converted to thread and is loaded as warp into a beam and then it is loaded into the loom for actual weaving.

A Weaver can make 30 sarees from one beam of warp. Instead of the 7 yards of fabric being mounted on the loom, 56 yards are mounted at a time.

It will take 40 to 45 days to complete weaving of one beam.

Love & Care:

Narayanpet sarees are light-weight yet durable. Because of their lightness and breathability, they are worn all year round. You only need to wash it gently in normal water with a mild detergent.