1. Launching Organic Cotton Womens Kurtas in Unbleached Natural Cotton Fabrics

    Continuing the tradition of being closer to earth with gentle products and sustainable practices, Peace and Quiet Store launches its new range of Organic Womens Wear with certified organic fabrics sourced from South Indi...

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  2. The Qalamkari Series - Reviving Traditional Indian Kalamkari Craft with Everyday Products

    Exquisite books and diaries covered in natural fabrics with the traditional Indian artform of Kalamkari...

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  3. The Timeless Magical Spell of Narayanpet Cotton Handloom Sarees

    Peace and Quiet Store is proud to be associated with a piece of history that compliments the cause of natural cotton sarees and fabrics. We love our Narayanpet Cotton Handloom Sarees that spell elegance and durability in...

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  4. The Qalamkari Series debut at a National Event in India

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  5. Christmas Tree Decoration by Kids Under the Mango Tree at Peace and Quiet

    Peace and Quiet hosted an event for children where they could come together to decorate a tall Christmas Tree with baubles and ornaments made by them...

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  6. Everyday Joy with Vintage White Roses that Bloom at our Store

    It is indeed a blessing when roses are the first thing we see when we enter the shop and the last thing when we leave. The sight and fragrance of these vintage roses that bloom at our store reminds us that we are doing a...

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  7. Red Hot and Happening - Bird's Eye Chillies Grow Untamed at Peace and Quiet Store

    Our little store has a little garden which has many little plants. But some of these plants pack a punch for the hottest chillies in town grow right under our nose. And we are happy to share the seeds as much as the stor...

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  8. Peace and Quiet Hosts Humane Animal Society's Vegan Potluck Lunch

    Peace and Quiet hosts Humane Animal Society (Coimbatore)'s Vegan Potluck event. What a lovely afternoon amongst lovely people and lovely food. From weather, cause, people to camaraderie, it was warmth and love all along...

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  9. What does Peace and Quiet mean to you?

    So tell us... what does it really mean to you...

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  10. Marsala – The Charismatic Pantone Colour of the year 2015 Rocks!

    Pomegranates. Berries. Earth. Rust. Minerals. Flowers. Wine. Gems. Its official. Marsala is the happening color of the year 2015. And I’m loving it.

    “The charismatic and highly varietal shade of Marsala; a ...

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